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Rules and Regulations


  • Any company/organisation/state/country participating in the 3rd Agri Leadership Summit 2018
  • Space Specifications & Basic Conditions for Participation:
  • At 3rd Agri Leadership Summit 2018, the exhibition area shall be available, in following three types:
  • A. Shell Scheme-duly furnished indoor built up booth(s) Multiples of 9sqm can be reserved.
  • B. Indoor raw space (minimum 27 sqm)
  • C. Outdoor raw space (minimum 60 sqm)
  • In the furnished indoor built up booth, the organisers shall provide modular structure, fascia with company name, 1 table and 2 chairs, one electric plug point-5/15amps, synthetic carpet, 4 spotlights, waste paper basket and general security during the period of 3rd Agri Leadership Summit 2018.

​​Extra Furniture:

Extra furniture will be available with the contractor on chargable basis.

​​Registration for Participation:

It is mandatory for exhibitor to forward the Registration Form to Krishi Udyami Krishak Vikas Chamber, Panchkula along with full and final payment for participation.

​​​​Allotment of Exhibition Space:

All bookings will be made on first-come-first-served basis subject to the receipt of all advanced payments. Organisers will make confirmation of allotment of space on receipt of the registration form duly signed along with appropriate advance payment. Organisers reserve the right to allocate space, change the layout plan, add or delete corridors as shown in the space plan. Organisers reserve the right to reduce the allotment of space to any applicant without assigning any reason.


​​Payment Schedule:

All payments should be made by Demand Draft payable to "Krishi Udyami Krishak Vikas Chamber" payable at Panchkula Full and final payment to be paid on or before 19 March 2018.

​​Settlement of Charges:

Any and all expenses chargeable to an exhibitor must be settled before the fair to ensure smooth removal of goods from the fair site.

​​​​Stand Completion:

2000 hrs on 23rd March 2018 with all exhibits in position. Work will not be allowed after that due to security reasons.

Removal of Exhibits:

Removal of any exhibit during the fair period is prohibited. Negotiations for sale, however, may be conducted. Removal of exhibits and other materials shall be allowed only after 2100 hrs on 26th March 2018 after the closure of the exhibition.

​​Movement of Vehicles:

Vehicles containing exhibition material will be allowed up to a certain point in the venue. All vehicles must provide list of items being carried in the exhibition area and receive the pass for the same, which will be required at the end of the exhibition for the removal of exhibits and other material.


The prospective exhibitor is liable to forfeit the entire space rental in case of cancellation.

​​​​Binding Terms of Contract:

The submission of the registration form duly signed by an authorised officer of the exhibitor shall be deemed as confirmation of participation and acceptance, and becomes binding as soon as the organisers have confirmed the allotment of space to the applicant. Dispute, if any, will be subject to Panchkula Jurisdiction.

​​​​​​Violation of Rules:

The organisers reserve the right to decide on the fulfilment of the rules and have the authority to demand removal/change of any structure, which is found not in conformity with the rules and can also cancel a confirmed booking without assigning any reason. The decision of the organisers will be final and binding.


Exhibitor will be required to make good all damages to the fair facilities caused during the installation/ dismantling of their exhibits. All goods to be displayed by exhibitors have to be insured from natural calamities and theft. The organiser will not be responsible for the loss from the reasons mentioned above.


The security for the goods after the closing time till 9:00 am (the following morning) during the exhibition period on all days will be provided by the organiser.

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