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The 'Haryana Government Portal' is aimed as a single point of access for all the G2B & G2C transactions offered by Government of Haryana through its constituent departments. The Portal provides online access to the current, complete and accurate information related to the functions and services provided by Government of Haryana and its constituent departments to the Citizens, Businesses and other interested users (e.g. Tourists and Investors).The portal aims at educating the citizens and businesses with access to information such as expected service fulfillment times for the Government services, business processes, applicable rules and legislations, key point of contacts within the Government etc. It also educates the citizens, businesses in the State about their rights, benefits and schemes offered by the Government, eligibility requirements for availing these benefits & schemes etc. In nutshell, the Haryana Government Portal is a transparent & accountable portal that creates a hassle-free environment which has reduced administrative burden and service fulfillment costs for the Government, Citizens & Businesses, to a large extent.

Krishi, Udyami Krishak Vikas Chamber (KUKVC) is a non- profit organization committed to rural development and upskilling ofFarmers, Agriculture; Allied sectors through Agriculture Research,Technology Innovation, Financial Inclusion, Entrepreneurship, Awareness; Education about various government schemes, sharing best practices and provide an interface with industry partners andother institutions for inclusive growth. To harness the vast untapped growth potential of agriculture in Indiafor accelerated, inclusive and sustainable growth and developmentleading to improved economic conditions and social status offarmers, agricultural workers and their families, KUKVC aims atcreating a linkage between farmers and the agri market towardsmaximum value creation.The aim is to provide a platform to the farmers to understand the bestpractices and innovations in Agriculture, Horticulture, Allied activitiesand focus on Agri Business & Marketing Leadership; and to connectwith the market.The focus shall be on issues such as Doubling of Farmers' Income, Climate Smart Agriculture, Micro Irrigation, Soil Health, Organic Farming, Risk Management, Enhancing Milk Production, Dairying, Poultry, Aquaculture, Agro Product Marketing, Agro Industries etc.Technological innovations have taken place in the agri industry andthese have begun to take effect in India as well. Today emphasis isbeing laid on taking technology to the farmers and farmer's producedirect to the market.

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